Top Benefits Of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Electrical discharge machining, often referred to as EDM, is a type of machining process that relies on electrical sparks to cut materials. Many different types of industries can benefits from using EDM manufacturing services. While the upfront costs associated with investing in the equipment needed to use EDM in your factory or facility can be high, it is well worth the expense. Using EDM during the manufacturing process of different products can greatly benefit a manufacturing company. Some of the top benefits of using electrical discharge machining during the manufacturing process include the following.

Ability to Produce Complex Shapes

One of the things that EDM really excels at is being able to cut out very complex shapes from different types of materials. If you're manufacturing a product that has one or more parts that have complex shapes, having EDM machinery and employees who are experienced and highly trained to use the equipment is a big advantage. In many cases, EDM equipment can create very complex shapes that are not possible with other types of cutting tools or equipment.

Cut Small Pieces

In addition to being able to cut out material into very complex shapes, EDM equipment is also the preferred type of cutting tool used when very small pieces need to be cut. Where other types of cutting machinery will break or damage the material when cutting small pieces, the technology involved in EDM ensures that the equipment can seamlessly cut very small pieces without any problems. Thus, any company that manufactures products that have very small pieces that need to be cut before assembly should have the appropriate EDM equipment on site to make the process go smoothly with few delays and very little material wastage.

Works with Extremely Hard Materials

Since EDM relies of electrical sparks during the cutting process, it works with a wide variety of materials. EDM machinery is especially useful when it comes to cutting extremely hard materials that other types of cutting tools have difficulty with. If you are having difficulty with cutting hard materials with your current cutting machinery, buying EDM equipment for your factory, plant, or facility can be a very wise investment. When your company has the necessary equipment for EDM, you can also explore changing the materials that you use during manufacturing and opting for very hard materials that are more likely to last longer after the product is fully assembled and shipped to retailers and consumers. 

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