How To Improve Your Home With Residential Steel Stairs

Installing a new flight of stairs made of steel is an effective way to expand the functionality of your home. The two main components of a steel residential stair system are the stairs themselves and the landing.

Why Many Homeowners Choose Steel

Residential steel is used more often in the construction of homes due to its durability of steel. Because steel is easy to recycle, it's also a good choice for an eco-conscious family.

Reasons Install Steel Staircases

Steel stairs can be useful in a variety of situations. You might want to provide easy access to a bedroom. This is especially useful if you're renting a room out. You might have a walkable roof and a flight of stairs can allow for easy access. You might also simply want to add a beautiful flight of stairs made out of ornate steel.

The Landing

After climbing a flight of stairs, the landing is the point at which you have reached the top. It needs to be wide enough for a human adult and should be overengineered to support a lot of weight. For example, the stairs might be used to haul furniture up to the second floor and it should be able to support it.

Spiral Steel Staircases

In some cases, a spiral steel staircase is more suitable for your home exterior because it does not take up as much space. Spiral staircases also look gorgeous.

Weatherproof Stairs 

With steel stairs, it's important that the stairs have a non-slip surface especially if the stairs will be installed outside. Like with all steel fabrications, steel stairs that will be exposed to the elements must either be made out of stainless steel or must have a protective coating so the stairs do not rust. Outdoor stairs should be designed to allow for easy drainage so water doesn't pool on the steps.

The Railing

When the residential steel fabrication service constructs your steel staircase, they will also install a railing made of the same material. This will look very elegant and will also protect your family from accidentally falling off the stairs.

Steel Stairs That Match Your Home

Each home is unique and it's important to consult with a professional residential steel fabricator about how your stairs should be designed to meet the needs of your family. Even if you don't think the look of steel will match your home, it can be painted any color you want and will look gorgeous.

For more information, contact a residential steel fabrication company near you.