Three Ways To Incorporate Steel Into Your Soho Loft Renovation

If you're planning a complete renovation of your SoHo loft, and you're a bit tired of the classic brick look, then consider using steel. While exposed brick was all the rage in NYC lofts during the 70s and 80s, there are now lots of design alternatives. One particularly interesting material to use is high end residential steel. It fits in with the historic nature of the NYC lofts (it conjures up the old industry that many loft spaces were originally used for). The great thing about steel is that, unlike brick or drywall, it's super strong and requires almost no maintenance. Here's some suggestions to get you started on your design ideas.

Exposed Steel Support Beams

If the old support beams are wood, or are brick enclosed in a plasterboard casing, you might want to have the architects set up new support beams using stainless steel. These will take up much less space than old wood or brick, which will create a much larger and more open flow to your space. You can get highly polished residential steel, or even choose a powder coated support beam. These will work in stark contrast to nice hardwood floors.

Floating Steel Staircase To Bedroom

Another cool idea would be to install a floating staircase to the upstairs sleeping area. This will save a ton of space and also look really cool. You can have highly polished residential steel installed on the wall without the use of traditional hangers. This will create the optical illusion that the stairs are simply floating in mid air. In reality, they are anchored to the wall studs. If you don't like the idea of a completely open staircase, you can have a stainless steel and glass balustrade set up to act as a buffer between the staircase and the open air.

Stainless Steel Kitchen With Carrara Marble Floor Tiling

An obvious choice for the kitchen makeover is stainless steel. This will create a beautiful kitchen worthy of a 4 star restaurant. In order to give it a bit of a decorative touch, and lessen the clinical nature of a completely steel kitchen would be to use carrara marble as floor tiling. This is a special type of marble that is quarried in northern Italy (near Tuscany) and has a light grey/blue color that will work really well with a glass and steel motif. The same marble can be used as a kitchen backsplash, or you coould go with a glass mosaic tile.