Advice When Buying Filters For An Air Intake System

Having an air intake system for a major component — such as a gas turbine — requires you to always maintain efficiency. That's achievable when you invest in the right filters for this system. You'll have no trouble finding these filters when this advice is used.

Get a Design That Supports Any Environment

If you're worried about setting up this filter in your air intake system and it not holding up that long, then you can actively pursue filter designs that support any environment. Then, you can feel much about how long your filter is able to last, whether it's exposed to a humid environment or one that is very hot.

You'll just need to see how the manufacturer made their air intake filters to verify multiple environments being supported. Then, even if the weather changes dramatically in the area where your air intake filters are set up, they'll be just fine.

See What the Filters Can Screen

The sole purpose of adding filters to your work site's air intake system is to keep contaminants from entering this system and making it run inefficiently. There are some differences in what these filters can screen for, so take some time to see what contaminants affect your air intake system the most.

It could be things like airborne particles, smoke, fog, and possibly even snow. Perform a contaminant assessment so that you narrow in on filters designed to remove these particular things in an effective manner. Then, filter performance won't become a major issue.

Assess Post-Installation Support

There are some filter providers that will not only handle their installation on your air intake system, but they'll also provide post-installation support. You may have an issue with the filter that you're not capable of addressing yourself. 

Manufacturers that offer these services can send over a technician, who can find out what is causing the problem. It could be bent portions or maybe the filter adjusted out of its optimal position. Having constant support like this even after you purchase one of these filters from a manufacturer gives you incredible value and exceptional customer service to look forward to. 

You'll have no problem keeping an air intake system running smoothly over the years when you take the time to purchase the right filters for it. The right insights on what makes these filters great are all that you need to pull the trigger on filters that can last and perform consistently. 

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